Google Chrome


Google’s own browser for a better browsing experience


  • The tab system is extremely useful.
  • Themed personalization options.
  • Official store is full of add-ons.
  • One of the fastest browsers on the market.
  • The address bar is more versatile than ever.
  • Synchronizable across different devices.


  • Takes up a large amount of RAM.

Some time ago now, Microsoft stopped being the only option for browsing the web, having been challenged by the giant that is Google with its internet explorer by the name of Chrome. A nightmare for Bill Gates and his team, a dream for internet users, who have come to realize the benefits that come with this excellent browser.

Google Chrome, the king of browsers

Google Chrome offers everything you might expect from a good browser with the added bonus of being designed for fast downloading, making it one of the best options for exploring the internet. Whilst this is great, the latest versions of Google Chrome take up a large amount of RAM. The browsing experience continues to be excellent, but sometimes you’ll notice a bit of sluggishness in the rest of your programs.

The browser address box has an autocomplete system so that you don’t have to fill in the entire field. At the same time, it works as a search engine (Google is used, of course, as a default, but you can change this). Like in many current browsers, Google Chrome lets you open different tabs so you can browse through different pages at the same time, and also has the options of pasting, reducing the size of, and freezing tabs.

Synchronize multiple devices with Chrome

Times change, even more so when it comes to the IT world. Today, all of us browse on our mobiles as much as—or even more than— our PCs. For this reason, with Google Chrome you can also synchronize browsing across different devices so that your settings and favorites are always consistent. This is a major advantage if you use various computers, as you won’t need to install everything all over again every time you open a new session. Just by logging into your Google account, your settings will be applied.

The best thing about Chrome, is that it’s possible to completely personalize the appearance of the program. There’s a large amount of themes, and it’s almost certain you’ll find something you’ll like. There’s also a wide range of add-ons which enhance the browsing experience no end.

Download the latest version of Google Chrome to browse the internet quickly, safely, and smoothly.

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