Google Chrome Portable


Enjoy a simple and seamless browsing experience with this portable version of Google's famous browser


  • Unparalleled browsing speed
  • Integrated search and address bar
  • Quick bookmarking
  • Private browsing with incognito tabs
  • Customize your browser with extensions and apps
  • Sync your browser history and bookmarks across all of your devices
  • Advanced settings for management of browser settings and content allowances


  • Passwords and certificates are not portable
  • Some settings are locked by design by Chrome to a specific machine

Google Chrome Portable is a portable version of the well-known Google browser, developed by independent developer John Haller. It offers all of the functionality and benefits of its ordinary version with the added bonus of being portable. Take all of your browser's settings, bookmarks and other features with you with this convenient portable version, free to download from the link provided.

The Quality of a Chrome Finish  

Whenever Google sets out to create something new, it does not hold back. Google Chrome proves this by having become one of the world leaders in web browsing. For most users, a browser represents more than a means to access the internet and surf websites. It is more akin to a toolbox which supplements that experience and, as much as possible, simplifies it. Chrome certainly passes the test here, and while there is plenty of competition around it, it continues to match and surpass the expectations of critics and users alike. Best of all, its portable version will allow you to take all of those benefits with you on any compatible machine using a simple USB, flash drive or external storage device


Google Chrome for PC runs at 64-bit, meaning fast load times, better security and reduced memory usage during sessions. This, coupled with its generally outstanding features (outlined below) make it a highly proficient browser. The browser consistently outperforms others in terms of speed and overall efficiency. Its rendering of text, HTML5 vectors, bitmaps and more are all better than or match industry rivals. For ordinary computer users, this speed will be so seamless it will hardly be noticeable. For scientists or mathematicians, the program also has an integrated MathML reader for rendering complex mathematical formulae.

User Interface and Features

To get started with Google Chrome, you will have to sync your Google account with it. For those who are looking for more privacy while they are browsing, this is a bit of a downside, however it also enriches the browsing experience, as I will describe below. More importantly, it symbolizes the browser's focus on minimalism and ease of use. The main interface for the browser will be familiar to most internet users. Opening a new tab will bring up a Google account interface as well as some browsing options. The first thing worth noticing is that Google has an integrated search and address bar, the omnibox, allowing you to find what you're looking for more quickly. Below this is a set of commonly visited web pages in eight small boxes. This is handy for quick access to your favorite sites (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). A star symbol on your search/ address bar will let you quickly bookmark pages, all of which will be displayed in a toolbar below. Each of these features makes even the simple things simpler. From the top right you can access some additional options to manually manage tabs, extensions, settings, default search engines and more. Everything is neatly organized and easy to find. The latest version has some new features, but tries as much as possible to remain true to its aim of fast, efficient browsing. If you are having particular trouble with your browser's settings, the program has a reset button which will allow you to restore Chrome to its default settings.

Secure, Convenient Browsing

Chrome emphasizes privacy and security like other browsers. Chrome offers the option of private browsing with its incognito windows. This prevents browsing history or cookies from being left on your machine, but all existing data is still visible. This is useful if you are dealing with particularly sensitive information, financial transactions, or other activities. If you want to make your browsing experience more secure, the 'advanced settings' page lets you manage your passwords, exceptions for cookies, images, Javascript, plug-ins, pop-ups and more.

With the portable version of the browser, you'll have access to all of these features and will be able to bring them with you. Simply place the executable file on to an external storage device such as a USB or flash drive, run it on your new machine, and you'll be able to pick up where you left off, with all of your browser's configurations intact

As a Google program, Chrome offers many benefits, too. First, all of your information, whether browser history, bookmarks or web caches/ cookies, will sync across all of your devices, allowing you to access your information all through a single account. Chrome is also fully compatible with the thousands of apps downloadable from the Google Play store. These include organizational tools, browser add-ons, email add-ons, clients, as well as extensions for business, games, productivity and much more. These are all accessible from a button in the top left.

The Benefits of Portability

With the portable version of the browser, you'll have access to all of these features and will be able to bring them with you. Simply place the executable file on to an external storage device such as a USB or flash drive, run it on your new machine, and you'll be able to pick up where you left off, with all of your browser's configurations intact. There are a few features that are not portable by default, however. Passwords and certificates are not portable. Some settings, by design, will be locked to a specific machine. Other than this, though, the browser will run just like your regular one. 

The Verdict

Since its original release, Chrome has been a leader in terms of speed and performance. It consistently tops the rankings in benchmark tests and will render most things you will come across. Its interface has not been updated in a while, but its features are still great. Browsing is highly customizable, with settings, security features and thousands of apps and extensions to choose from. Bookmarks are easy to manage, and will sync, along with your history, with other devices. This Portableapps.com version of the program is even more convenient, allowing you to take all of your browser's bookmarks, security and other settings with you so that you can resume your sessions in no time. Although it has some limitations, it's still an extremely useful feature. All in all, Chrome is a must-have browser for anyone looking to experience full Google compatibility coupled with unparalleled browsing speed.

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