With Google Docs you can create all kind of documents to share and to accede to them easily from anywhere


  • To create documents of all kind
  • You can work with more people with the same document
  • Synchronization with your Google account
  • Auto save


  • It needs Google Drive to be more complete

Smartphones have changed our lifes and especially the way we can work: we can do anything from anywhere at any time. One of the most used tools is Word or similar programs, and Google offers to you its own version called Google Docs with which you can create all kind of texts documents, spreadsheets, presentations and a lot more.

Google Docs is a tool that allows you to work with a new file or to edit anyone you have, even if it is an Office file: you can import it to Google Docs and it will change it to its format to work with it without any problem.

Another interesting feature of Google Docs is the possibility of to work different people with the same document at the same time, so you will save a lot of time having to save and send the file by email. Each one of the allowed people can have different permissions, depending on your needs. Moreover, if you have to accede to a file from another different device don’t worry because Google Docs synchronizes with any device thanks to your Google account.

The true angel guard

As you can see, with Google Docs you are able to do the same as with any other software, but with the comfort of doing wherever you are and at any moment. And the best of all is that you don’t have to worry about saving your documents because Google Docs has an auto save mode that saves any change automatically. Moreover, say goodbye to those terrifying moments when you lost all your work because your computer crashes or due to power outages: all your documents are saved on the cloud system so you can keep them safe and to accede to them easily.

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