Google Earth


Explore the world in high definition from your desktop with this outstanding mapping tool by Google


  • Detailed
  • Satellite photographs
  • Explore the constellations, the Moon, and Mars
  • Route planner
  • Information for points of interest


  • Takes up a chunk of memory

Google Earth is an interactive map that allows you to visit anywhere in the world directly from your computer.

Google Earth has been updated and now includes a tour guide option to show you the most famous monuments with more detailed information.
Explore the world from the comfort of your own home
The program has a simple and intuitive interface, with which you can get from one side of the planet to the other quickly and easily. You can zoom to view an area more closely, and you'll see everything in great detail: from the layout of city streets with Street View mode, to the mountainous areas and valleys.

In the case of cities, a list of all the attractions in a particular area appears: restaurants, museums, monuments, buildings, theaters, etc. If you tap on the attractions, you can see more detailed information, and normally a selection of photographs uploaded by other users.
Google Earth also includes the "directions" tool to calculate the path between any two points you choose, with the distance between them, the route to follow, and transport available to take you there.
With Google Earth, you can also explore the seabed and all the constellations that can be seen from the Earth and the Moon.
Mars up close
Thanks to NASA and Google Earth, you can explore a 360degree panoramic view of everything that happens on the red planet.

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