Google Earth: you’ve got the whole world, in your hands


  • See up to the finest details in the world, all on your screen.
  • A powerful tool.
  • Lots of information about the universe beyond Earth.
  • Sharp visuals.


  • Needs an active internet connection to work.

Few doubt that Google Earth is one of the best programs that have ever been developed in this history of IT. It’s one of those programs that marks a ‘before’ and ‘after’, not so much for it’s complexity, but also because of the knowledge it has brought with it. It’s a program that lets you see any place on earth, through both maps of the terrain and photos as if you were walking by foot.

Walk the earth, sitting on the sofa

Google Earth is basically a global explorer, like those historical explorers who have gone before us, only from the comfort of your screen. OK, perhaps it’s not quite as thrilling as real exploration, but it does offer us some pretty good advantages. You can, for example, zoom in and out of anywhere in the world, right up to the tarmac on the street. It also holds a lot of information; names of countries, streets, motorways, parks, and museums, but Google Earth is also able to measure distances and show places clearly in the most optimum light.

Google Earth can do all this because it has an excellent three dimensional engine that isn’t too much of a drain on memory, but still packs a punch.  Thanks to the contribution of users worldwide, the program also includes representations of monuments, buildings and iconic buildings from every city. You can even switch the view to show a more ’realistic’ version of what you might see at street-level. Want your own walking tour through your favorite city? Google Earth can do that as well.

Impressive right up to the smallest detail

So maybe our description so far as been a bit sparse, so let us fill you in some more. Not only can you see any area of the world in 3D at birds-eye view, but also ‘walk’ through forests and cities, discover the ocean floor (checking out historic shipwrecks as you do), and see the minutest details of the world’s most famous buildings, and much more.

With Google Earth you can get to know and identify the elements that make up the universe (well, at least a good number of them). You can see the surface of the moon and scroll across the surface of Mars with 3D models and all the info NASA has to offer (key points, missions, discoveries, etc.).

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a magnificent program that will definitely make your jaw drop, especially considering there’s nothing else quite like it. A tool that’s always worth having on your desktop.

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