Enjoy Google Play on your PC!

Don´t you wish you could enjoy all the benefits of using Google Play, but without having to buy an expensive Android device? Well your wish has come true! Google Play is a app searching tool that will allow you to find the latest apps for Android and download them to your PC.

In order to use this program, you must first have BlueStacks installed. Install it by clicking here. Now that you have that installed, you can begin to savor the delicious flavor that is left on your tongue each time you use Google Play.

Google Play is a delightful Candyland of music, magazines, apps, games, books, and even films and television shows. Check out all the latest shows and movies and download them right to your PC. If you would rather read on your computer than from a real book, take a look at the huge selection of books and magazines. Of course, you can always just download an app or game and have fun without needing an Android device.

Download Google Play free for PC and start enjoying the greatness that is this comprehensive online media store.

• Offers a variety of media to check out
• Easy to use

• Some content may not be available in certain countries

Google Play Requirements:
• Must have BlueStacks installed
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Type Freeware

Version 8.9.16

Size 45.98 MB

Other versions

8.9.16 7.8.99 7.3.29 7.5.62 7.5.66