Design 3D structures (buildings, objects...) with this easy-to-use modeling tool

Google SketchUp is a surprising 3D modeling tool, in which you’ll be able to create objects and scenes through a simple stroke.

With Google SketchUp it will be very simple to design structures, houses, buildings, objects or rooms. It differs from the complex AutoCAD by its simplicity and the continuous help of the assistants. If you want to create the home of your dreams or make the project for a new office, use the large online catalog included to complete the views with predesigned objects.

Google SketchUp is very easy to use. Start with a clean work surface, sketch the first lines of the structure, and your plans will gradually come alive. Include different openings, paint walls with textures, add elements easily, adjust proportions and you have your first design. Once finished, feel free to virtually walk through the final result.

Currently, Google uses this tools for shaping the 3D layers of its maps in Google Earth.

• Intuitive interface
• Gallery of predesigned templates
• Large number of available effects
• Real-time preview

• Uses a lot of system resources

Google SketchUp icon

Type Freeware

Version 17.2.2555 (64-bit)

Size 148.02 MB

Other versions

17.2.2555 (64-bit) 8.0.15158 8.0.14346 8.0.11752 8.0.4811