Sequel to the greatest racing game ever!

If you´re a fan of Race Driver: Grid, then you will be super pleased to know that there is a new sequel to it coming out! GRID 2 promises to be a shining example of what a racing game should be.

The main idea behind GRID 2 is to provide the most realistic racing experience possible. This includes audio and visual effects like smoke and crowd noises, but also adding a little bit of plot in. Depending on how you react to your fellow racers, you can make enemies or friends. This in turn will change how the races play out.

GRID 2 gives you complete reign over your vehicle. While most racing games help you out a little bit with auto-braking and traction control, this time it´s all up to you. You can choose to handle your car with a wheel or a pad. As you do so, you will feel every nuance of the road as if you were actually behind the wheel.

Choose from a few different racing modes: Street, Road, and Track Racing. Keep in mind, however, that the perspective you get in GRID 2 isn´t that of your average racing game. This time, you won´t be inside your car, but right beside it as it races to victory. This was a decision made by the developers in order to save resources and create more interesting outdoor environments. Download a demo of GRID 2 free for PC and check out this revolutionary new type of racing game!

• Amazing graphics
• Realistic gameplay
• Three game modes to choose from

• No “behind the wheel” perspective

GRID 2 Limitations:
• Demo with limited features and duration
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