GTA III Armageddon Mod


Run rampage in a city near crushed by an asteroid


  • Fun plot
  • Explosive city


  • Can be glitchy in part

The Armageddon Mod for Grand Theft Auto 3 is here and fans of the series are going to go on a rampage for it (pardon the pun)! This patch turns the city into an abomination.

In this rendition of GTA III a meteorite has crashed into Liberty City and now more than ever, the streets have erupted in chaos.

Like the 1998 film Armageddon by Jerry Bruckheimer and an all-star cast, in wake of the asteroid that is to collide with the world, the people become unhinged. This is noticeable by the way in which they are easier to scare and agitate, but also is evident in the way the forces act to try and put an end to the riots. For example, the police officers newly employ attitudes of aggression and are quick to attack thugs and terrorists.

The original storyline also pieces together with this rework. There are some twists however that will leave contenders quite bemused.

The map and world that’s created around you if quite explosive to the normal as well.  It’s almost as if the entire map is fixated on what’s to come, and are careful just in case the ground underneath their feet crumbles. This is particularly annoying when you’re trying to drive on roads where drivers are being even more cautious.

Although this Mod isn't overly detailed,  it's one to download and try out if you like GTA III.                                                            

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

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