GTA IV: Desert Storm


GTA IV: Desert Storm

GTA IV: Desert Storm is a MOD for the title Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PC. After the innumerable missions that the fans of this game have been completing for over 10 years, this patch comes to reduce the fights against the mafias a bit and add more fun, always in the best GTA style.

The fourth GTA version comes with surprises

You have gone through many cities since you started relating with different capo mafias. Rising in the underworld made you travel by train, helicopter, car, motorcycle, submarine and even a war tank. But you probably never thought you would visit a luxury city very similar to Dubai, as you’ll do in GTA IV.

Once you finish installing this patch, you’ll have access to the streets of a city that is like few in the world, to do with them as you wish. But not everything is as perfect as it looks: all the structures and buildings in which you’ll play were buried due to a large sand storm.

Although the scenery won’t have a lot of movement (in fact, there is no traffic), you’ll be able to do whatever you want. What’s more, all this sand and tranquility will be extremely useful in the cars especially designed for these terrains.

Among the new cars you’ll enjoy are the sand buggies, off-road vehicles, high-speed vehicles equipped with caterpillar tracks, and many others. With any of them you’ll go over the dunes from their base to their top, and climb wherever you want.

In summary, with this download you’ll get a mouthful of fresh air while having fun in a completely different way to that you were accustomed to in GTA. Although the freedom this game offers you is breathtaking, this time nothing will stop you from achieving destructive speeds, since there is no traffic, people or missions. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have GTA IV installed, in order to be able to install this patch; apart from that, all you have to do is concentrate and have fun.

• New scenario
• New vehicles
• Appropriate soundtrack

• The action can quickly become monotonous
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Type Shareware

Version 1.2

Size 510.76 MB

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