GTA IV Magic Patcher


GTA IV Magic Patcher

GTA IV Magic Patcher is a very simple utility that will make it easier to run MODS and patches that you included in GTA IV Grand Theft Auto IV.

With GTA IV Patch you’ll be able to optimize the performance of all extensions added to your favorite action game. This is really a solution to the complications that some GTA 4 executable files tend to have, since, once installed, many of them won’t work.

Briefly, this small application will let you integrate and run your existing extensions for Grand Theft Auto 4. You’ll also be able to include the GTA IV Mods you want, since these updates come with complete arsenals or more and better cars for your matches.

So, if you are one of the users who have asked yourself how to install MODS for GTA 4, this is the answer to experience the most reckless adventures in an impressive action environment. Don’t hesitate any longer, and download GTA IV Magic Patcher for free!

• Lets you include mods for Grand Theft Auto 4
• Requires practically no system resources
• Integrates and runs the existing patches
• Expands the game experience

• Apart from its operations with patches, it offers no additional functionality
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.2

Size 3.22 kB

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