GTA IV Realistic Driving Mod


Take a shockingly realistic cruise through Liberty City


  • Makes driving in GTA IV more realistic
  • Improve handling for 170 vehicles


  • Aimed at experienced gamers
  • Makes driving vehicles difficult

GTA IV Realistic Driving Mod is a vehicle and driving mod for the PC version of the thrilling fourth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Have you ever felt like your joy rides through Liberty City just aren't realistic enough? Are you a motor head with a love of all things vehicle related? Well then the GTA IV Realistic Driving Mod is the ultimate download for you. This mod employs real-life physics to make controlling cars as true to life as possible.

The mod introduces new handling for 170 vehicles including cars and bikes, within the game, it also ensures that the speed that the vehicles reach is realistic. The speed is no longer capped at 76mph so you can drive with as much speed as possible. A word of warning for the occasional gamer that may not be used to realistic vehicle handling, this makes driving cars in GTA IV very challenging.

When you have downloaded this patch you will need to be extra wary when turning corners and flitting through streets, your vehicle is now musch more senstive to your controls and therefore spins out of control a lot more easily.

GTA IV Realistic Driving Mod is a mod with the motorhead and experienced gaming driver in mind, it is incredibly capable at creating a realistic driving experience

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1

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