GTA IV: San Andreas


GTA IV: San Andreas


  • Completely rebuilds the game map
  • Includes animations of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Large number of weapon options
  • Excellent graphics quality


  • Very few missions are currently available

GTA IV: San Andreas is a GTA 4 mod with which you’ll basically experience San Andreas using the performance of RAGE, the graphic engine used in the fourth GTA version.

Enjoy a different Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto for the PC came with great graphic improvements compared to the third edition from Rockstar North. However, San Andreas continues being one of the franchise’s most acclaimed titles, due in part to its excellent gameplay. Now, with this World Enhancement you’ll be able to use the best of both worlds after a simple installation.

It should be mentioned that to in order to use this MOD you must have GTA4 installed on your computer, since it uses the game’s technology to run. Keep in mind that the hardware requirements for it to work are the same as for the complete title, since both the graphics and the animations are demanding.

Basically, what GTA IV: San Andreas carries out is to completely rebuild the title’s map, to bring the entire San Andreas city to you. Now you’ll be able to go through the streets of Las Venturas, San Fierro and Los Santos, but enjoying improvements in lighting and textures, as well as the general animation.

The physics behavior will also be much more realistic and the animation fluid, giving you the feeling that the city gets alive. Besides, the mod includes scripts for pedestrians and vehicles, so you won’t miss any detail of the experience.

GTA 4 Beta 3 will give you access to a large variety of cars from San Andreas, as well as the option of using vehicles from the saga’s fourth title. The same happens with weapons, since you’ll have rifles from both titles available, to make your experience more dynamic. However, you won’t see many elements from GTA IV, since it wasn’t the developers’ intention to combine both titles.

In summary, if you miss San Andreas and would like to experience an updated version, GTA IV: San Andreas is the mod you need. Although the definitive version is not yet available and this is the third beta, it does include various functions and a large amount of content that you’ll love to try out.

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Type Freeware

Version Beta 3

Size 1.77 GB

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