GTA New Vice City


More guns, cars and gangsters with this excellent add-on


  • New missions
  • Corrects errors from the original version
  • New gameplay options
  • Extra vehicles and weapons
  • New gangsters


  • Some slightly complex installation steps

GTA New Vice City is a mod for the best and craziest first-person shooter action game of recent years. Vice City is one of the most loved releases of the Grand Theft Auto series and with a deadly psychotic and fascinating protagonist in the form of Tommy Vercetti and a detailed and fascinating city to destroy and explore it is easy to see why. GTA New Vice City for your PC game helps to improve this great game, why wouldn’t you download it?

This GTA mod is an essential accessory for all avid Vice City players, especially for those who have completed all the games missions and are still craving for more. This add-on will greatly enhance your playing experience by offering you some exciting extras along with even more Grand Theft Auto: Vice City adventures. This mod provides a variety of functions it manages to fix up any errors that the original game may have perpetrated while adding more incredible elements to gameplay.

GTA New Vice City introduces over 100 new features that make the game more realistic. In this sense, when you install the patch you’ll have more options to choose from when playing the game. Among the multiple options you’ll be able to shield your car after travelling to PayNSpray so your lovely vehicle improvements will be protected, cue more reckless driving and tonnes more ridiculous car chases!

This mod also presents you with an impressive collection of new vehicles, much to the delight of obsessive motor heads! Along with extra motorbikes and cars you’ll also be able to get your greedy hands on helicopters and ships. GTA New Vice City provides you with entire new gameplay possibilities, this mod would make even the passive player excited!

As if a more impressive array of vehicles wasn’t enough, this download introduces an array of more deadly and dangerous weapons. To ensure you get the most out of these new guns and explosives the mod also presents new gangsters for you to battle against.

In summary, GTA New Vice City is a brilliant update that makes a great game even greater, if you are a Vice City nut you need this mod!

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Type Freeware

Version Mod

Size 1.15 MB

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