Jump into pure action and chaos with Grand Theft Auto for PC


  • Players make all decisions
  • Varied and entertaining missions
  • Various ways to achieve the objective
  • Intense action

Grand Theft Auto is the first installment in the famous open-world game series that mixes action and adventure with ease.

Originally released in 1997, it caused a great stir due to the main character’s freedom of action. In the game, you play a criminal who carries out different missions for criminal organizations. What sets this game apart is that it was one of the first to let players ignore the objectives and explore on their own if they wanted to. While you play, you’ll explore three different cities based on actual cities in the U.S. They include Liberty City (based on New York City), Vice City (based on Miami), and San Andreas (based on San Francisco).

The main objective of GTA is to get as many points as possible in every city, but the way you choose to do this is completely up to you. You can steal cars, run over people, flee from the police, sell stolen cars, run errands for gangsters, distribute “packages”, work as a hitman and much more to earn points. The more dangerous the crimes you commit, the more points you will score. However, this will attract the attention of the police, who will start to pursue you all over the city. You have to avoid them at all costs; otherwise the game will be over.

Though the graphics are somewhat outdated, this is the game that started a series of titles that are among the most-played ones today. It was one of the first to really take advantage of the open-world game format and set the standard for other action games. Since there are three different cities to explore, this is hardly a game that anyone can get bored of easily. If you are a fan of any of the games in this series, this is one you must play, if only just to see how it all started.

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