Become a music pro with Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is a complete editor of musical scores with which you can create your own songs, do detailed work on those you already have and even learn to play the guitar.

With this tool you have access to two modes of traditional notation (standard and tablature), as well as a large amount of symbols and elements to work with your musical score. Guitar Pro also has diverse modes to write musical notes, from your keyboard and mouse to MIDI instruments.

Once the composing process is finished, Guitar Pro is capable of interpreting your creations through the RSE engine, a component that makes it possible to have your songs sound as if they were played by a real music band. You can also adjust tempo, sound level and panning at any moment of the playback.

Guitar Pro includes a multitrack editing console, an engine for generating chords, a long list of scales for practice and a number of tuners to let you get out the music that is within you.


- Wide availability of tools
- Realistic playback engine
- It has several instruments


- Difficult to use

Guitar Pro limitations:
- Nag screen
- Some features are restricted
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Type Shareware

Version 6.1.2 R11038

Size 142.47 MB

Other versions

6.1.2 R11038 6.0