Gummy Drop!


have many hours of fun ahead with Gummy Drop!

Gummy Drop! is an excellent puzzle game in which you have to connect 3 tiles of the same color with a particular purpose. In principle it seems no different to what you have to do in other puzzles. Gummy Drop! despite being similar, is very different when you get your hands on it.

Where is the difference between Gummy Drop! and other games? The story and the goals you have to fulfill. In the world of Gummy Drop! there was a kind of candy rain that destroyed much of the most important monuments in the world.

The trip in Gummy Drop! includes stops in New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, Rome, Paris and many other places, with intermediate stops to acquire adequate supplies for such magnitude tasks.

The tasks ahead are hard, but do not be discouraged: in Gummy Drop! there are bonus and special actions to collect more pieces, or to do the same task in less movements. Luckily it is a long journey, so you have hundreds of levels to enjoy and have fun.

If there is anything "negative" to be said about Gummy Drop! is that its gameplay may become too repetitive. However, the quality of the game is beyond any temporal setback. In that sense, Gummy Drop! It is one of the best options available.

Download Gummy Drop! and have many hours of fun ahead, let's go for them!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.12.0

Size 232 kB

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