One of the first VPNs, now with more features


  • Establish VPN connections between computers.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Excellent speed (although this depends on your connection).


  • Some features online available in paid versions of the software.

Hamachi is an excellent piece of software that lets you have a LAN connection with numerous computers connected to it. Technically, this is known as a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a network of computers that remain connected even if they’re not physically in the same place. In this way, it lets you run any type of programs in a collaborative way between the terminals that are connected to the internet, be it in a family home or office.

Once the program is installed on the computer, you can create an account in the Hamachi network. Then, you’ll be able to build a Local Area Network (LAN) and share any resource you want between the PCs located in it. You can search for other members and make private connections between them, too.

Share content with Hamachi

This program lets you carry out any sort of action, such as explore files in remote computers, share LAN sessions (in fact, Hamachi is well-known among aficionados of Minecraft), and control another PC via a remote desktop connection. All of the connections are encrypted with highly complex algorithms that result in total security for its users. According to its developers, this program uses security standards that are similar to the biggest banks in the world.

In short, this programs lets you make the most of a variety of resources between multiple users, that wouldn’t be possible via a normal internet connection. Hamachi truly does lets you break down the distance barrier.

Unlike other VPNs

In recent times, many programs labelled as ‘VPNs’ have exploded onto the market. And in some ways, they are. But they aren’t the same as Hamachi. This is owing to the fact that Hamachi is an ‘on-demand’ VPN, in the sense that connections are made between computers rather than every computer and one server. The idea, then, is that you can create a virtual private network (for work, play, or sharing), and not just a ‘mask’ to obscure your IP address.

As a consequence, Hamachi has two ways to create a VPN, one with central management and another without. The difference is that the second way allows every user to define permission and access, whereas the first the settings are defined by an system administrator. Hamachi then, is an much more open and flexible option that traditional VPNs, one which allows you to reach all the computers dispersed all around the world.

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