HammerHead Rythm Station


Enter the recording studio with HammerHead Rhythm Station


  • Virtual rhythm machine.
  • Simulates a TR-909 Roland to perfection.
  • Different drum sounds


  • Quite limited

Are you setting up your own professional recording studio at home? This free program is an essential part of meeting this end. It’s a fun and engaging bit of kit that adds a rhythm machine to your computer. It comes with more than 29 different percussive sounds, such as bass drum, military drums and applause, to name a few.

All the musical sounds you create can be saved to be used later as a high-quality WAV file, without any background interference. There are a six available channels in this application, and six sets of sound. Almost all of the music styles are represented here, including (but not limited to) techno, house, hip-hop, rock, and much more.

It all started with the TR-909

Although it’s not the first or the most advanced, the Roland TR-909 rhythm machine was one of the most important to enter onto the scene. In fact, it’s practically a reference point in the audio sector, due to ease of use as well as type of sound. There’s plenty of information about it online.

With that in mind, now we can describe our featured program in a much more simple way: HammerHead Rhythm Station is a Roland TR-909 emulator. Hence the wealth of benefits, making it a great first step in your audio software journey.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.131

Size 1.36 MB

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