Convert videos into the perfect format


  • Convert videos into different formats.
  • Predefined conversion profiles.
  • Add/take away subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Preview results.


  • Needs a bit of experimenting before you get the hang of it.

HandBrake is a tool with which you can convert videos into the format you want. It’s a simple tool that’s light on computer memory and has the ability to deal with a whole batch of videos at the same time. It’s easy to use, although sometimes you might need a couple of tries to find the balance you want.

Perfection is possible

Perhaps the most amazing thing about HandBrakes is the level of detail that it’s able to achieve. If you have absolutely no experience converting videos, it doesn’t matter—the program has a number of work profiles, each one of which are labelled with different devices: Android, iPhone, AppleTV, tablets, etc. With just one click the program will start quickly converting files.

The best thing about HandBrake is that you can personalize the conversion to get the conditions just right. For example, you can sacrifice some frame speed or reduce the size so that the final product takes up less memory (or vice versa: make the file bigger but obtain better quality). You can also change the audio properties  (5.1 DTS to 2.0, to cite one example), or reduce the image resolution/proportion so that it can adjust to other types of screen.

Only convert what you want

Aside from all that, HandBrake is a a great way to ‘lighten the load’ of a video to get rid of anything you don’t want, and back up a copy just in case. Supposing that you want to make a copy of a DVD film to store on your hard drive. Do you really need all the menus, subtitles in Hindi, and the audio track of the director’s commentary? If you think you do, you can keep it, but if not, take it all out. You can even treat the resulting video with a color filter (such as ‘greyscale’), or noise reduction. Yes, it’s that flexible.

What we would say is that you may need to carry out a few test runs first before jumping headfirst into the software. It’s in no way difficult, however there are some more technical aspects of the program that the average user may overlook.

In any case, HandBrake can deal with almost anything; it uses video codecs in formats H.264, H.265, Theora, and MPEG, and audio filters AAC, MP3, DTS, and TrueHD, amongst others. It can deliver formats in AVI, MP4, MKV, and others, which are all completely compatible with any device and player. A simply unbeatable piece of software.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.1.1

Size 11.18 MB

Other versions

1.1.1 1.0.7 (32-bits) 1.0.7 (64-bits) 1.0.3 (32-bits) 1.0.3 (64-bits)