Hands Off!


Hands Off!: because never hurts to have some extra security


  • Check all the incoming and outgoing connections of your Mac.
  • Check if your apps are safe or not.
  • Protects a little bit more your personal info.


  • To decide about each app can be a little bit tedious at the beginning.

To protect the privacy is one of the most important things for users. Either if you migrate from one operative system to another or if you buy a new mobile phone, one of the first questions that appear is: it comes with an antivirus? Although there is some excessive paranoia, the truth is that is worth to count with a program that helps you to control better the security, as the case of Hands Off!

In few words, Hands Off! is a monitor for incoming and outgoing connections from your Mac. Hands Off! allows you to know by first hand with who your Mac is sharing information, where-after you have the option to allow it or to deny it.

Far from being a tool that demands a lot of resources, Hands Off! gives you the chance to work normally with your task. The only thing is that at the beginning may results a little bit tedious to have to answer to all the pop-ups of the app. In that way, with Hands Off! is possible to define a general profile for all the apps, but we recommend to take some time at the beginning to know what does each one of them. Hands Off! is no complicated and it results quite cheaper than other similar programs.

With Hands Off! you could know by first hand if the apps you use on your Mac are safe, and you could define clearly which data you share and with who.

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Type Shareware

Version 3.1.1

Size 7.44 MB

Other versions

3.1.1 3.1.0 3.0.5 3.0.3