Heart of Darkness


Discover the mysterious secrets in the darkness world and help Andy survive in the Darklands

Heart of Darkness is an entertaining adventure game in which you’ll guide Andy, a child who must discover what secrets are hidden in a mysterious world in the darkness.

The storyline is set in an area called Darklands, and the character’s objective will be to find his dog Whisky, who disappeared while they were watching a solar eclipse. When coming to this dark world, you’ll have to overcome, with Andy, a large number of challenges to get rid of your enemies and rescue Whisky. In some cases you’ll have to move around through sceneries, run, swim or jump, and in others solve different puzzles or riddles.

As you advance in the game, you’ll encounter curious opponents, such as shadows, spiders, worms and carnivorous plants. You’ll have to be careful, for you can die in many different ways: drowned, crushed, eaten or burned; therefore you’ll have to pay careful attention to the beings around you. Finally you’ll fight against your main antagonist, the Lord of Evil, whom you’ll have to defeat to win the game.

Heart of Darkness offers seven exciting levels, set in very detailed sceneries and with 2D graphics in excellent quality.

• Very detailed sceneries
• Excellent gameplay
• Graphics in good quality
• Interesting difficulty curve

• Includes no multiplayer mode

Heart of Darkness limitations:
• First levels available
• Restricted features

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Type Shareware

Version 1.2

Size 354.07 kB

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