HeavenWard Free Keylogger


Check what keys have been pressed on your computer


  • Check everything that’s been typed on your PC.
  • Hidden mode.
  • Password protection.


  • It doesn’t take screenshots or register what happens with the mouse.

HeavenWard Free Keylogger is a program that registers every key that’s been pressed on your computer. The aim of the software is to help you monitor your PC, in a way that nothing happens without you knowing.

Control, or spying?

There exists a kind of red line when it comes to keyloggers: on one hand, they’re programs that are used to carry out legitimate tasks, like a form of monitoring in work environments, but on the other hand they can work as spy programs. There’s no doubt that HeavenWard Free Keylogger falls into the first of these two groups, and it offers many security features to ensure that your registries don’t fall into the hands of third parties.

HeavenWard Free Keylogger is a really simple program; just insert your email address, create a password, and there you have it. HeavenWard Free Keylogger installs onto your computer, so it can be active for any Windows user.  At specific times that you define, you’ll receive an email with a register of all activity in a ZIP file, that can be opened with your password. By doing this, HeavenWard Free Keylogger lets you know what’s happening behind your back.

“Can I use your computer for a sec?”

It’s happened to everyone (be it a friend asking, someone you know, or even someone you don’t know). Someone asks you to use your computer to do something. Can you be certain that your computer’s being used for legitimate reasons? Just let HeavenWard Free Keylogger monitor it all,  then revise the report when it’s sent to your email.

It must be made clear that we’re not condoning use of this, or any other, keylogger to spy on people, but to use as an additional security measure. It’s extremely easy to activate and deactivate, and you can even protect the program with a password. The number one priority here is the safety of your computer.

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