Heroes of War


Epic battles full of action and strategy await you in Heroes of War


  • Missions to complete
  • Online battles for up to four players
  • Option to unite with other players to form guilds
  • Choose between heroes all with different abilities
  • Good number of achievements and prizes
  • High-quality graphics


  • Requires an internet connection
  • WiFi connection recommended for installation process

Heroes of War is a strategy game for Android in which you must flex your strategic muscles to become the strongest leader and take over the world. This title, which is pretty similar to the Warcraft saga, will give you hours of entertainment.

In Heroes of War you choose between two sides—orcs, or knights. Once the decision is made, you can start building your settlement and forming your army. You’ll need on draw on your strategic abilities at this point in order to protect your territory as it grows in size; the enemies won’t hang around for long before they make an attack so you’ll need to grow your army quickly, too.  

As you progress through the game more missions will be unlocked through which—if completed successfully—you’ll earn prizes for your territory. If you’re the bloodthirsty type you can also attack other enemy settlements via online battles.

In Heroes of War you can choose between a large number of heroes, utilize their special abilities, and equip them with powerful relics. You can also join forces with other players to form a guild, which will benefit both parties in that you can construct buildings much faster, recruit troops to strengthen your armies, and get hold of prizes.

The game has a load of achievements that need completing, a chat forum to communicate with other players, and the ability to host online battles between up to four players.

On downloading Heroes of War for Android you’ll find a game with exciting 3D battles, intricately developed strategy and planning mechanics, and a fierce, competitive online gaming community.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.3.6

Size 36.38 MB

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