HipHop eJay


Create bases for hip hop and add effects and filters

HipHop eJay is a program with which you can create musical bases with which you’ll be able to show your Hip Hop rhymes. Assemble different samples, add effects, melodies and filters and take the microphone to let your flow out.

HipHop eJay has thousands of samples and Rap, R&B and, of course, Hip Hop beats, which you’ll be able to add to a multitrack console. Thus, you’ll create the bases with which you always wanted to musicalize your rhymes.

This program also includes a sample editor with which you can create the adjustments you consider appropriate and achieve that sound you are looking for. And to top it off, it includes a wide range of sounds and a utility scratch with your mouse.

Although it doesn’t have complex music generators and its scope is somewhat limited, HipHop eJay is a perfect program for any user to become a seasoned MC.

• Easy to use compared with similar applications
• High-quality audio
• Wide range of sounds and samples

• Doesn’t allow many manual adjustments

HipHop eJay limitations:
• Restricted features

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Type Shareware

Version 5.0 Groove 3

Size 44.11 MB

Other versions

5.0 Groove 3