When you’re worried about Windows security, call in the Hitman


  • Perfect companion for any antivirus.
  • Scans on demand from the cloud.
  • Doesn’t require installation.


  • When the trial period is over, it can detect viruses but can’t eliminate them.

Hitman Pro is a security system that works as any antivirus extension does, without affecting the performance of your PC. Technically, it’s an antivirus, the difference being that it works in the cloud and on demand, so it doesn’t interfere with the the real time processes on your PC like other antiviruses do.

A second opinion

Is curious how medical terminology has come to dominate the IT sphere. In this case it couldn’t be any more appropriate; Hitman Pro offers a ‘second opinion’ on the infections that lie in any computer. Let’s say, for example, that you run the antivirus you always use because you think something strange is going on but the antivirus doesn’t pick up anything. It could be that there’s no problem, or that the method your antivirus applied wasn’t quite up to scratch. In this case, you can ask Hitman Pro to take care of it and give you a more precise diagnosis.

Why? Well, because Hitman Pro works via a security system that’s ‘in the cloud’. This means that the program sends and examines suspicious files remotely, for better security and to be able to cross-reference different viruses. It’s worth pointing out that Hitman Pro has a large signature database of viruses and malicious programs, so you know that nothing will escape it: Hitman by name, hitman by nature.

Security that investigates the security

You don’t need to install HitmanPro, although you can indicate that you want a copy installed on your PC so you can carry out one of the other programmed tasks it offers. Remember that it won’t do anything without your permission first.

In order to do its job, simply run this program from any CD/DVD or USB and it will verify if your computer is infected. After carrying out the analysis, and if Hitman Pro detects something, you can delete it, put it in quarantine, ignore it, or mark it as safe. It asks that you do your part, then, but it’s hardly more than lifting a mere finger every so often.