Add beautiful effects to your image with this quick and lightweight photo editor

Hornil StylePix Pro is a free image editor with which you’ll add all sorts of effects to your images. It´s very lightweight and lets you work quickly, but its results have a professional quality and are very attractive.

This 2013 photo editor was designed for simplicity; thus, it includes a handy interface that maximizes the work space. Every time you choose a tool, all the related functions and tools will appear in a dynamic menu, to let you get what you need much faster, without overwhelming you with a lot of unnecessary icons and buttons.

Hornil StylePix Pro also stands out through its great efficiency when it comes to using your computer’s resources. This editor is very lightweight and doesn’t need a computer with a lot of processing power, in order to work. This makes it ideal to be installed and used in environments such as virtual machines or portable computers, without losing functionality. It will also make much better use of memory on modern computers, and it has a stable and effective performance.

Despite being so simple in its design and lightweight in its performance, Hornil StylePix Pro is a complete image editor, with a large number of features. For a start, it has a variety of brushes for all occasions, and it lets you create your own in just a few steps, either to use them only once, or to save them. It also works with different artistic styles and special effects that you can apply precisely on an area or object on the image.

In case you work with photographs, Hornil StylePix Pro lets you correct defects in them, as well as add light and shadow effects, contrast, textures, etc. You will reduce noise and compression artifacts, and adjust the focus to get a sharper or blurrier image. You’ll also correct red eyes and restore photographs with scratches or dust on them.

In summary, if you are looking for a complete graphic editor with a large number of tools, that works even in environments with low resource availability, this free image editor is just for you.

What are you waiting for to download Hornil StylePix Pro for free?

• Doesn’t use a lot of resources
• Nonintrusive interface
• Large number of effects and tools
• The possibility to create customized brushes

• Nothing to report

Hornil StylePix Pro limitations:
• Purchase or registration reminder
• 14-day trial

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Type Shareware

Version 1.12.1

Size 14.82 MB

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