Hotspot Shield works with your antivirus and protects you while you browse


  • Private browsing guaranteed
  • Unblock websites that are blocked due to geographical restrictions
  • Free version is pretty solid


  • The connection can reduce in speed when software is in use.

The internet is big, very big, and at the same time pretty dangerous; beyond the web you know there’s also a submerged network made up of millions of computer that work automatically to saturate the network with spam, automated software designed to steal data and cause havoc, and much, much more.

Browsing can be, therefore, dangerous. We should all take security measures using antivirus software, and more specialized software such as Hotspot Shield, which guarantees privacy as you browse the internet.

Great array of options

Hotspot Shield let’s you browse privately when you’re connected, encrypting the data flow and protecting it by way of a ‘tunnel’ (in this case, SSL), which in turn acts as a proxy. Hotspot Shield is a system through which your connection gets routed through other devices, preventing the sites you visit from knowing anything about you. Hotspot Shield guarantees, then, anonymous browsing.

The most interesting thing is that Hotspot Shield is a paid service, but has a free version. Of course, there are limitations;  it doesn’t boast the same options, shows ads, and limits information exchange to 750MB which, in reality, isn’t that small a number. In any case, it’s well worth considering.

Privacy is not security

Many people often confuse ‘security’ with ‘privacy’. There are so many threats on the web, and sometimes we use the terms interchangeably when talking about those threats. It’s worth pointing out that Hotspot Shield isn’t an antivirus program. Its aim is to mask your IP address so that no-one can find you, and encrypt data so there’s no way to know what you upload or download.

Having said that, Hotspot Shield does make a small contribution to security; there’s a reduced possibility of any attack infecting anything. Even so, when considering security over privacy, it’s better to opt for a good antivirus. You’ll rest easy though with Hotspot Shield—don’t doubt its effectiveness for a second.

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Type Freeware

Version 7.9.0

Size 19.06 MB

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