Hunting Unlimited 2010


Hunting Unlimited 2010 offers the player a truly immersive, realistic, intense hunting experience


  • 11 expansive hunting regions including the Rockies, Alaska, Africa, and the Pacific Northwest
  • Highly realistic, high quality environments including deserts, grasslands and snow-covered plains
  • Long list of animals to choose from, each with their own unique behaviors
  • Modify species frequency, time of day, weather and more when preparing for a hunt
  • Equip dozens of different tools to guarantee success including long and short range weapons, bait and traps
  • Enable dangerous animals to add even more excitement to a hunt


  • Slow movement speeds make travelling between hunts time consuming
  • Background textures are of poor graphical quality and take from the realism

Hunting Unlimited 2010 is a free 3D hunting game for PC, developed by SCS Software in which you can explore the vast, realistic wilderness of Africa to track and hunt wild animals of various kinds. The game is available as a demo version. The full version can be downloaded externally. 

An Immersive Environment to Explore

If you're a fan of the outdoors and have gone hunting in the past, then this game will definitely be worth trying out. On the surface, it looks like an ordinary hunting simulator, but where it differs is in the amount of detail that it offers. Whether it's the animal species, the environments, animal AI, or the weapons and tools you can use for hunting, this game has it all. 

Gameplay, Controls and Other Features

The main objective of the game is to hunt and kill wild animals of various kinds using a variety of weapons in a fully immersive 3D environment. To get used to the game, it's recommended to jump into a hunt straight away (Free hunt works best). When you first begin a hunt, the location of the game (animal) will be revealed to you (e.g. a deer, 200 yards away). You will then be placed into the environment and you can begin hunting. Your user interface consists of a clock, a compass and a meter indicating wind speed and direction. Your character can be controlled using the directional buttons and standard FPS controls for guns. Weapons such as sniper rifles have a zoomable scope for longer range. 

To hunt an animal, simply move close enough to its position without alerting it and withdraw whatever weapon you have. When an animal has been struck, your character will indicate whether your weapon delivered a lethal blow or not. If not, you will have to track the animal and continue attacking it. Approaching an animal against the wind is the best method to avoid detection. Once an animal has been killed, you can place it into your bag and record it. One of the best features here is the Matrix-like slow motion effects when tracking your bullet that will appear when you have fired close or directly at an animal.

One feature which I found frustrating in the game was the slow movement speed. Hunts can be concluded rather quickly, but while it is reasonable to assume that hunters stalk rather than sprint through their hunting environments, it would be useful to be able to move more quickly between consecutive hunts. 

When you have gotten used to hunting, you can explore the various game modes on offer including including challenges, target range, user missions, and tournament mode

Items and Preparing for a Hunt

Once you have gotten used to hunting with the default weapons and items, you can explore the range of other items on offer. Selecting a region will bring you to an interface containing options for map, forecast, time of day, as well as animal species on the left and your inventory on the right. Forecast and time options allow you to modify an environment to give advantages to certain animals, thus letting you alter difficulty levels. The 'animal population' menu lets you specify the type and frequency of animals that will appear in your designated region. Frequency ranges from none to high. There is also an option to turn on 'dangerous animals', offering an even bigger challenge to players. 

Next, we move on to our items, an impressive list indeed. Your inventory slots include your main weapon, your tools such and your attire. Your attire can be changed according to the environment you are in to make yourself less visible. If you hover over an item, the game offers a brief explanation of its function. 

The strategic use for items varies. Bait is used to lure certain types of animals out, such as Turkeys with the Turkey Blind or calls for turkeys, elk and other animals. Tent Blinds can be used if a closer shot is required. Cover Scent can be used to cover your human scent from certain animals. For greater mobility, you can use the ATV, though it will scare away animals if you get too close. In all, the game offers 28 different tools to choose from. 

Visuals, Graphics and Sound

Environments are rich, detailed, colorful and visually stunning. When setting up a session you can choose from over a dozen different regions including Alaska, the Rockies (Upper, Middle, Lower), the Pacific Northwest, the South Central Plains, Africa and many more. Each region has its own set of species associated with it, giving each a unique look and feel during gameplay. The game has a dynamic day and night feature which will determine the kinds of animals that appear. Poor lighting also makes some animals more difficult to track. 

When setting up a session you can choose from over a dozen different regions including Alaska, the Rockies (Upper, Middle, Lower), the Pacific Northwest, the South Central Plains, Africa and many more

Visually, the game looks impressive. Graphics for close-up environments are rendered better than those in the distance, but you will primarily be dealing with animals from this distance. The sky looks stunning, whether in the day or night, natural figures such as trees and ponds also look okay from a distance. The animals are very realistic, too, with a dedicated physics engine for each animal for running and sound effects. 

One other noticeable feature is the introductory music played before a hunt, which changes according to the chosen region. Because of the tense nature of hunting, music is understandably removed during a hunt. 

The Verdict

Hunting Unlimited 2010 is a truly immersive hunting game in all respects. With exciting gameplay, great music, impressive visuals, multiple regions, dozens of items, and plenty of species and game modes, for fans of hunting simulators it's definitely the complete package. The only issues that I could find were the lack of detailed background textures and slow movement speeds when travelling between hunts. 

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