Analyze and edit your files, block by block


  • Hex editor that’s full of tools.
  • Optimized to analyze blocks of RAM.
  • Portable.


  • Despite it being very clear, it’s only recommended for expert use.

HxD Hex Editor is a hex editor with which you can modify parameters of any file, as well as change values of the RAM of your computer.

The interface is simple, and it’s been designed so that any user of any ability can use it. You’ll find all the basic functions you need, such as search, replace, export, delete files, link chains of data, separate files, and much more.

Everything you need in a hex editor

When we talk about programs like HxD Hex Editor, we have to recognize that we’re not talking about any old program here: the software analyzes raw data in a way that’s pretty incomprehensible to your average Joe. It’s an editor, sure, but it’s not so easy to know what you’re editing.

Having said that, HxD Hex Editor has a good handful of options. There’s no limit to the file sizes, because the program can deal with files of any size, located anywhere (including pendrives and CDs). In addition, HxD Hex Editor gives you the option of modifying the values of your RAM to speed up the running processes in real time and examine them at the same time.

At an information level, what you can do with HxD Hex Editor is pleasantly surprising. You can compare different files in a simple way, or via the checksums in MD5, SHA, and other formats. You can even generate them yourself. HxD Hex Editor is also able to export data in plain text, rich text  (HTML, TeX, Richtext), and even source code (C, Java, Pascal, etc.).

Bear in mind that any change you make to your system files like the modification of RAM parameters could cause irreversible effects. For this reason we suggest that you take necessary precautions and check first what tasks HxD Hex Editor can perform without causing and lasting errors.

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