I Color Too: Animals 3


I Color Too: Animals 3

Coloring books have been popular among kids for a long time. It’s not only fun, it is also beneficial for your kids’ growth. It improves coordination, grip and strength. Not only that, it also develops their creativity as well as early reading and math skills.
But these days, coloring books have lost their popularity over high technology toys and gadgets. Good thing I Color Too: Animals 3 brings back this classic to a medium more popular with today’s generation, the computer. This easy to use tool is not just child friendly but also parent friendly.
I color Too: Animals 3 spreads itself over the entire screen so there’s no chance your child will be able to exit the program and click other applications. You can exit the program by pressing double hot keys.
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Type Freeware

Version 2.0

Size 3.37 MB

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