iFunBox: greater freedom with your Apple device


  • Manage your devices with iOS without iTunes.
  • It doesn’t need Jailbreak.
  • Use your Apple devices with more freedom.


  • It doesn’t have so many functions like iTunes.

The word ‘freedom’ usually has ambiguous meanings, depending on how and where it is used. In this case, iFunBox is a tool that gives you more freedom to use your Apple devices on Mac. To be more specific, with iFunBox you can manage them without using iTunes.

As it sounds, iFunBox is a platform that will allow you to transfer files and folders from and towards iPod, iPhone, iPad and other devices created by the company. Although there are similar tools, the advantage of iFunBox is that you don’t have to go to the Jailbreak to enjoy with these options.

iFunBox allows you also to install and uninstall apps on iOS, at the same time that you can make backups of your files. Moreover: if you would like to use your devices as a USB key, iFunBox lets you do it.

iFunBox doesn’t have so many options like iTunes. It means: it has them, but evidently the app’s developers can’t include all the functions to the same of Apple. Therefore, some things you will still have to do it in the traditional way and to let the complicated things to iFunBox.

Download iFunBox and check by yourself of what we’re talking about. Enjoy with your iPhone, your iPod and your iPad without restrictions.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.8.1601

Size 2.72 MB

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