Inbox by Gmail


Organize your life like never before with a new kind of Inbox


  • Effective tool for streamlining one's Gmail content
  • Labels for Travel, Business, Promotions, and more ensure that content is always relevant
  • Create your own Labels to fully personalize your experience
  • Manage your labels, bundle and unbundle e-mails and more with a comprehensive Settings page
  • Bundles let you group e-mails as you want them
  • Pinning, Sweeping, and Done functions let you clear clutter and manage your Inbox
  • Simple UI, highly efficient design


  • Significant customization required to fully optimize the app's capabilities
  • Invitation required from other Inbox user

Inbox by Gmail is an app available for Android Gmail users which allows you to organize your life at a glance, without complications.

Your Life’s Own Personal Inbox

Inbox by Gmail is a clever way to organize your life how you want it, so that you’ll never miss a thing. For a regular e-mail inbox, content often seems cluttered and unorganized, and despite Google’s intuitive abilities in determining what’s important to us on a given day, it’s a poor substitute for something we have specified, and something we want Google to display for us in the moment.

This is where Inbox by Gmail comes in. In a nutshell, Inbox by Gmail lets you create your own life’s personal inbox, filtered and specified according to your needs. As with other Google products, the goal is to make our ever-expanding toolbox for organizing our lives as simple, as compact and as targeted as possible. All you need to get started is for an Inbox member to invite you via e-mail, and you're ready to go. 

How does it work?

Inbox by Gmail, very simply, tries to label your life, grouping similar activities into what it calls “Labels” and “Bundles”. Labels are general categories such as Travel, Finance, Purchases as well as Gmail inbox categories such as Social and Promos. Bundles refer to individual activities, and are formed from specific examples of these labels in your daily life. Your Inbox, once opened, will display all of these e-mails, bundled labels being on top. If an e-mail is not labeled, it will be considered unbundled and displayed individually. This is more suitable for less common types of e-mails. By default, e-mails from bundled labels appear on top “as they arrive”, but this can be changed. 

Perhaps the most important feature, and one which attests to Google’s aims, is the ability to create your own labels according to your needs. Once bundled, your new label will group e-mails together just like a Google one, allowing for a highly personalized user experience (see  below for more information).

Inbox has an attractive interface, making the process of managing your life far easier. A menu in the top left contains options for regular Gmail use as well as others. E-mails are displayed like a "to-do" list, making scrolling through your Inbox easy. Any media contained in the e-mails will be embedded in the post (video box, thumbnail, etc.).

Customize your Inbox

Inbox contains a host of useful features worth mentioning. The Snoozed function, for instance, lets you remove specific activities until they become relevant. This is ideal for situations such as holidays such as Christmas or other important events, since bundles won’t pop up until you need them to. If you were worried that Google would create bundles incessantly without your consent, the Settings contains many useful features, most notably the ability to create, alter, and manage your Labels. If Travel messages are bugging you or cluttering up your Inbox, the “Behavior” of the label can be changed: notifications can be disabled; bundling can be switched off for less high-traffic Labels, so that messages show up individually; or bundles can be shown “as they arrive”, once a day or weekly (7am local time).

Pinning an e-mail will separate it from its bundle and place it at the top of your Inbox, so that you can view it at a later time.

Pinning an e-mail will separate it from its bundle and place it at the top of your Inbox, so that you can view it at a later time.

Conversely, the Sweep function in the top right allows you to mark all unpinned items as Done, removing them from your Inbox for archiving. Finally, if you open an e-mail and realize that it doesn’t belong, Inbox lets you move e-mails in and out of labels, turn off bundling for specific label, and prioritize which labels are placed on top more often. Inbox will learn from this and endeavor to better categorize those e-mails in the future.

If you’re looking for a revolutionary way to organize, manage, and bundle your life as well as a smart and compact way to present it, Inbox by Gmail is for you. With a simple UI, a clever layout, an intelligent e-mail filter, as well as a bunch of settings for customizing and prioritizing your labels, Inbox is the perfect tool for anyone whose life is a busy one and needs a bit of micro-management. Definitely a must-download app.

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