Create posters, flyers and more with InDesign CC for PC

Adobe InDesign CC is the new and improved version of the most popular desktop publishing software that lets users create posters, flyers, brochures, and more.

This powerhouse of a program has essentially been revamped from the ground up to make way for even more improvements in the future. To start off with, the interface has been redone to give it a look that matches that of Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. The color theme for the interface is dark, but has four different brightness settings to choose from in Preferences. New keyboard shortcuts make it even easier to access any part of the program without using your mouse.

Adobe InDesign CC now has HIDPI support so that users can make use of high resolution screens if they have them. This will make creating posters and other documents much easier as users will be able to see their designs much more clearly. The font menu has also been completely redesigned to make way for a sleeker and more efficient design. There are now new ways of searching, choosing, and even displaying fonts. Users can simply start typing part of the name of a font, or a font type even, into the search bar for a list of related results. Fonts can also be grouped by family, such as Arial Bold, Italic, Regular, etc.

On top of all of those improvements, there’s still more. QR code is startlingly easy to generate thanks to the new Object menu command. As you set up a new document, you can now see a preview of what it would look like behind the set-up dialogue box. Of course, you also have the Creative Cloud integration feature, complete with an Adobe Exchange panel. This means you can easily upload your documents and designs to the Creative Cloud for easy sharing with members of your team or even clients. Files can be accessed from any device and any changes made to documents are tracked.

Download a free trial of Adobe InDesign CC and experience the difference a redesign can make!

• New and improved interface
• New keyboard shortcuts
• HIDPI support for high resolution screens
• Redesigned font menu
• Easy to generate QR code
• Preview document while setting it up
• Creative Cloud integration

• Has a steep learning curve

Adobe InDesign CC limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 9.0

Size 2 MB

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