The must-have app for Wifi users on the go


  • Easy-to-use menu system
  • Instant access to potentially dozens of Wifi networks within 1km
  • Regular updates when location changes
  • Connect with others to expand your list of hotspots
  • Statistics feature allows tracking of connections and a heart feature if someone helped you find one


  • Significant amount of personal information requested upon installation (email, images, etc.)
  • Most useful in populated environments

Instabridge is a free-to-use crowd-sourced app for Android which searches for, collects, and displays any and all Wifi hotspots in your area so that you can connect to them quickly and efficiently.


What's unique about Instabridge?

Although a tool already exists for scanning for hotspots on Android devices, what Instabridge does is far more detailed. The app not only allows you to connect to hotspots such as coffee shops and university campuses more easily, but also with other users (if they allow this feature). It can even replace your default Wifi scanner if you opt in. If another user discovers a hotspot, Instabridge will immediately share it with you, creating a greater potential choice. In effect, the more connections you have, the greater the potential scanning range. If you connect to a network often, you can save it under “My Networks”. The settings in the bottom right allow one to manually activate and deactivate these networks and community networks (available publicly).

How do you use Instabridge?

Instabridge’s interface is simple, and easy to master. Whenever you open the app, a menu will immediately appear displaying the various free Wifi hotspots in the area.  These are divided between “Free wifi right here” (in very close proximity to your device) and “Free Wifi nearby” (within 1km of your device). If the app cannot find a hotspot for you, it will promptly update the appropriate list once it does. If a private network is listed, a password requirement is also displayed. Tapping a hotspot will allow you to connect instantly. Passwords can also be synced and saved for commonly accessed networks.

Help others connect

As a social app, accessing the statistics menu provides additional information about how people are connecting to hotspots and to each other e.g. the number of people who were helped to get online by you, people who used your most popular community network, and friends who used your most popular private network. If you made someone’s day by helping them find a hotspot, they can even send you a heart for your trouble.

If your life is a busy one, you’re always on the go, and you want to stay connected, Instabridge is definitely worth the download. Its simple UI allows a user to connect quickly, and it easily surpasses standard scanning tools with features such as regular refreshing and social features (statistics, friends)—overall an excellent app.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.9.0

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