Integral Scientist Periodic Table


Find information about the periodic elements with these interactive tables


  • Large amount of information
  • Various dynamic styles
  • Compares various elements at a time
  • The possibility to add and edit information


  • Rudimentary look

Integral Scientist Periodic Table is an educational application that will be of use to both teachers and students who need to work with the periodic table of elements.

This complete application includes six types of interactive tables to show information: the modern standard, the Bayley pyramid, A-B octets, the extended standard, electron position and quantum energy matrix.

Integral Scientist Periodic Table lets you instantly select an element and see its detailed information. Each item has over 90 fields of information that can be updated and expanded as you advance in your studies. You can see the position of orbitals and compare information of two or more elements.

Integral Scientist Periodic Table includes information about 112 known elements and 6 theoretical elements. Besides, it has a function to create customized reports and print them or export them to the Clipboard.

In summary, Integral Scientist Periodic Table is a lightweight application, but full of information, that will be very useful for anybody who works in the chemistry area.

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Type Shareware

Version 3.13

Size 694 B

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