Internet Download Manager


Get your downloads done quickly and securely from your browser


  • Accelerate your download speeds by up to 500%.
  • Wide range of options.
  • Integrated antivirus.
  • Schedule downloads to start at a later date and time.


  • Doesn’t support torrents or other P2Ps.

Internet Download Manager is, as you might expect from the name, a download manager with which you can obtain all your favorite content from the internet at high speed. Internet Download Manager is specially designed to optimize and accelerate downloads directly from your web browser. This, sadly, means that it doesn’t work with torrent or P2P clients. However, it remains a great option for practical and fast downloads.

Not bothered about what browser you use

This extension is compatible with large range of browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. You’ll be able to enjoy transfer speeds up to five times as fast, as well as a number of additional extras. With Internet Download Manager you can pause and resume at any moment, which allows you to regulate the use of your connection to your liking. Additionally, if you’re connection is lost, you can resume the download from the point it stopped instead of having to download it from scratch.

Manage your downloads with efficiency

Internet Download Manager doesn’t just make the transfers quicker, but also lets you manage them with comfort. You can, for example, tinker with your download list, assign an order with priorities, and designate a desired location for your downloaded files. On top of that, you can choose links directly from the web, manage files and locations from your explorer, and use the ‘drag and drop’ function. You can even program downloads ahead of time to make the most of the time that you’re not using the computer and download those larger files.

It’s worth highlighting here that every time you download content from the internet, it comes with some risk. For that very reason, Internet Download Manager includes an antivirus that analyses all files before they’re downloaded onto your computer. 

Simple and practical

The Internet Download Manager interface is very simple and won’t take much effort to find every tool you need. Whatever task—from starting a download to scheduling transfers—is extremely easy, especially considering the large amount of tutorials that are available.

In conclusion, Internet Download Manager is a program that you can’t go without on your computer. Whether you download files every now and then or regularly, this program will help you no end. Download it!

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Type Shareware

Version 6.31 Build 3

Size 7 MB

Other versions

6.31 Build 3 6.31 Build 2 6.30 Build 9 6.30 Build 7 6.30 Build 5