Internet Explorer


A classic, revamped for maximum speed and security


  • Fast loading of the pages.
  • Comfortable browsing via tab system.
  • Options to personalize the appearance.
  • Manage your favorites.
  • Different resources for developers.


  • Option to install extensions is a lot less developed than other browsers.

Internet Explorer is Microsoft’s infamous web browser, which in this latest version provides significant improvements that result in much faster loading, and much better security and privacy indexes. It maintains the navigation-via-tabs system, and adds new tools for easier management of favorites.

Is Internet Explorer fast?

It’s been a few years since Google Chrome and Firefox took the lead over Internet Explorer in various technical aspects, but the newest version of this browser has considerably improved, to the point where it equals or even betters the competition. It’s claimed that it’s capable of loading web pages 30% faster than before, that’s including when it’s working alongside new privacy options.

Its browsing via tabs system has also improved; it now allows up to 100 in the same windows. Internet Explorer supports various programming codes such as HTML, CSS, CSS, and XML, so you should have no compatibility problems when accessing the pages you want—perfect for developers.

Order your components to make access that much easier

A more than interesting tool that Internet Explorer now has is the ability to anchor your favorites in the Windows taskbar for quick access without needing to open the explorer. All you need to do is drag the icon from the ‘new tab’ section to the bar in order to fix it there.

The ‘new tab’ page touches on another new feature: every time you open a new tab, it will show your most recent pages or most frequently visited pages, making access to them a lot easier. Select the InPrivate option to browse without leaving a trace with added security when you need it.

Improved protection

Internet Explorer offers trustworthy protocols to guarantee data privacy. The renewed features include:
• Control of pop-ups.
• Filter to avoid phishing.
• Threat analysis of every visited web page.

You’re also offered various accelerators that give you the possibility of integrating links and pages of interest, as well as the option to upload images and more to the menu, so that you have better interaction with the content you view. You’ll always be up to date, too, thanks to the integrated support for RSS channels.

Download the latest version of Internet Explorer for free, and start using a powerful browser that boasts lots of new features that will make your life that much easier.