IObit SmartDefrag


Defragment and reorganize your hard drive thanks to IObit SmartDefrag


  • Defrag a hard drive at high speed.
  • Compatible with SSDs and SSHDs.
  • You can program tasks.


  • Ads are a little annoying.

IObit SmartDefrag is a program for defragging disks automatically without affecting the rest of the programs on your computer.  By using IObit SmartDefrag, you’ll be able to bring stability to your computer, and reorganize your data without leaving any ‘blanks’. Thanks to its powerful defragging engine, the program completes this task in no time.

Defrag your computer, boost your speed

IObit SmartDefrag is essential for allowing your computer to recover the vitality of its early days. After time, your PC will start to lag due to the fact that a full hard drive takes a lot longer to find each file (considering, too, that Windows will write data in the first free space it finds on the hard drive rather than the most convenient space). For this reason, we need to defrag. IObit SmartDefrag does this by bringing together all the related files and freeing up as much spaces as possible.

It should be highlighted that IObit SmartDefrag doesn’t carry out constant analysis, but you can program it to do it manually or automatically when the computer boots up, stays inactive, orat predefined intervals, so you’ll never have to pay much attention to the work the software is carrying out.

Defrag SSD disks

There’s a debate within the IT world: Is it necessary to defrag solid state disks (SSDs)? After all, they are a lot smarter than conventional disk drives. Logic states that as long as there’s not a problem, we shouldn’t apply a solutions. However, IObit SmartDefrag insists that it’s not quite as it seems.

The developers of IObit SmartDefrag maintain that with their program you can reorganize the biggest-sized files on any given disk, which will boost the performance of the programs that use it. What’s more, the program can apply to hybrid disks (SSHD) that use flash space by way of the caché.

As you may have gathered, defragging a hard drive is still an important task. Use IObit SmartDefrag and let this professional bit of kit to the hard work for you.

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Type Freeware


Size 12.7 MB

Other versions 2.0.1 2.0