IObit Uninstaller


IObit Uninstaller, the security suite that will leave your computer as good as new


  • Able to refresh or uninstall programs.
  • Deletes unwanted plugins.
  • Free and efficient.


  • Some of the translations are pretty poor.

Has your version of Windows slowed down since you first installed it? Well, that’s normal. Annoying, but normal; Windows isn’t able (in its own) to carry out analysis on the remains of old programs or junk software that could be taking up system resources. The normal solution to this is to format your computer, but that’s pretty risky. You’re in luck, because you can leave it all to IObit Uninstaller to sort it all out; you won’t need to delete and reinstall the operating system because this program will clean your computer all for free.

Give your PC a kick start

IObit Uninstaller is a free piece of software that analyzes each part of the Windows registry and each file you have saved on the computer to see something’s not quite right. The suite will detect will detect the origin of computer slowdown, remove malicious or obsolete code that may have been left lying around, and leave your computer working like a dream.

IObit Uninstaller also makes aspects of Windows more efficient by ensuring their updated with the latest version and deleting those that are no longer any use. The process is very safe, but you can always create a backup if you’re slightly worried. 

Pointless plugins, take a hike!

As you might imagine, IObit Uninstaller will also get rid of any plugins that clog up your browser toolbars and bombard you with ads and malware. Although it’s not the main aim,  IObit Uninstaller also contributes to a smoother and safer browsing experience.

IObit Uninstaller is a great tool, made by developers who understand the needs of everyday users.

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