IronCleaner is a maintenance program that will let you carry out several of the tasks that will keep your computer in good shape.

The accumulation of system files on the hard disk affects all users, depending on how they use the PC. With this software, bad performance caused by this will be eliminated.

Get rid of trash information from your PC, with IronCleaner

All programs create temporary files while they are in use. Many of them – a great majority – aren’t deleted automatically by the application that created them, but stay on the hard disk.

Over time, these files slow down the PC until the performance reduction becomes quite obvious. Confronted with this situation, the user can only do one thing: delete these unwanted files.

Thus, this application will let you speed up Chrome and any other software that works on the basis of Chromium. What makes this program stand out from its competitors is that it doesn’t only clean the history, cookies and the cache, but also gets rid of many other items that reduce its efficiency.

What happens is that applications based on Chromium use information from previous sessions every time they run. These files are not related to cookies, the cache or the history, but rather to other system files that are created automatically.

Thus, carrying out the cleanup that IronCleaner offers you, at least once a month, you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible performance from the programs of your choice.

Finally, keep in mind that it´s recommended to complement this application with one of many available optimization suites we offer. For now, download it and enjoy a faster browsing experience.

• In-depth cleaning
• Removes all temporary files, not just the easy ones

• Doesn’t clean up the entire system, only files generated by Chromium applications
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Type Freeware

Version 3.1

Size 349 B

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