Java Runtime Environment (JRE)


Java: the programming language that changed the way we see the internet


  • Library for the correct working of your PC
  • Access a multitude of online services.
  • Free and normally comes as standard.


  • If you don’t update regularly, it could lead to a lapse in security.

The amount of technologies that revolve around the internet are many. Such a complex network requires the most powerful and flexible software possible. Java is considered to be inside that top bracket—and users agree, making it one of the most downloaded pieces of software out there. To run it on your computer, you need Java Runtime Environment.

A silent ally

Java Runtime Environment (or JRE for short) is one of those programs that run on your computer without you really noticing it. Without getting too technical, JRE is a program that comes pre-installed on Windows, and works with other programs when they need to play Java. It’s probably more likely that you notice Java when it doesn’t work than when it does; it has no interface or commands, it simply sits there, silently taking care of everything Java on your PC.

Java Runtime Environment receives constant updates which are important for preserving the security of your computer. Considering that it’s the most utilized language of programming, it’s not surprising that it’s also used for criminal purposes. Oracle (the developer) have ensured that there’s enough monitoring to make sure it’s secure, but you’ll have to do your bit to make sure the latest version is always installed.

Offline and online

The software is programmed to deal with the majority of services the web has to offer, with the aim of guaranteeing the best results, maintaining compatibility, and in general terms helping you enjoy the power JAVA has to offer. To do all this, you’ll need JRE. Bear in mind that many important sites, such as video players, web portals, online learning environments, and online banking, need this software to run as they should.

The good thing is that the software will be installed on your computer; you’ll be enjoying all the programs written in Java in no time.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) icon

Type Freeware

Version 10.0.2

Size 100.57 MB

Other versions

10.0.2 10.0.1 10 9.0.4 9.0.1