Java SE Development Kit (JDK)


If you want to program in Java, go for the official tool


  • Wide range of options.
  • Real-time previews.
  • Numerous examples.

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) is a software pack to develop apps using Java. It comes with all the necessary components for the design and testing of a wide range of projects.

JDK has all the tools you’d need for working with Java applications: running, testing, debugging, and documenting, all with Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java Platform Debugger, Java Foundation Classes, and other key components.

Something that’s worth clearing up is that JDK isn’t the software you need for playing Java on your computer, but for programming. If the issue you’re faced with is that you can’t view Java components on your computer, you need Java Runtime Environment.

A vital tool

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) is the official software for programming Java. Java is one of the most important IT scripts; from small widgets on a website, to internal firmware for large systems, all of them are programmed with Java. For that very reason, it’s crucial to be able to rely on quality, up-to-date software, which is where JDK comes in.

Given that the coding of the script can be a difficult task, JDK also has example applications and codes for the user to be able to get a feel for the different controls. It is, in our opinion, a mandatory piece of software for any modern-day programmer.

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Type Freeware

Version 10.0.2

Size 390.25 MB

Other versions

10.0.2 10.0.1 10 9.0.4 9.0.1