Download anything and everything easily with JDownloader 2 for PC


  • Much more organized interface
  • Greater compatibility with storage services
  • The possibility of filtering downloads
  • Integration with browsers


  • Still in beta version

Jdownloader 2 is the second edition of the most popular (non P2P) download manager for PC that features a large number of changes and improvements in order to remind as king of downloads managers.

This program is an open-source download manager that lets you transfer files from a large number of sites and hosting services such as Rapidshare or Mediafire, among others. The program’s great benefit is that it lets you download from multiple links simultaneously, interrupt downloads and transfer from encrypted sites, among other things. The interface is completely renewed, with a cleaner and minimalistic look. It´s better organized, and it´s much simpler to locate tools that were previously hidden. You’ll be able to carry out tabbed browsing to go to the download section, links or options, and you’ll easily find all the functions you need.

In this new version the support for sites and services has been expanded. Jdownloader 2 will let you download contents from hundreds of places, including YouTube videos and Facebook photo albums. You’ll be able to define a number of criteria in order to filter your downloads and achieve greater control over all your transfers. A feature that will surely attract your attention is the new Web browser integration. You’ll be able to use the manager directly from the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Opera interface, which is something that many users had been waiting for.

One thing that should be noted is that this program is still in its beta version. If you decide to try out the beta version, you’ll have the possibility of helping the developers by reporting errors or problems you encounter, so they can solve them as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you don’t want to install this version and prefer to keep one that works stably, you can download and install the original Jdownloader version.

Download Jdownloader 2 and try out all of its new features!

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Type Shareware

Version 2.0

Size 30.64 MB

Other versions

2.0 2 2.1 2.0.33399 2.0.33347