Make free calls and encrypt your conversations thanks to this Skype alternative

Jitsi is an open-source program to make free phone calls that works as an excellent alternative to Skype, with extra features such as the capacity to encrypt contents.

The main features of this free Internet video calltool is that it´s an open-source free software, under an LGPL license. It includes all the features you expect from a VoIP application, such as the capacity to make voice calls or to carry out videoconferences, either with a single contact or with several at a time. You can record conversations and keep a record, or configure the program to automatically erase it. Obviously you’ll find a text chat, with the option of sending and receiving attachments.

But Jitsi also includes unique features that will certainly attract your attention. For example, it´s possible to share your Desktop with your contacts; this is ideal for those who work in technical support and look for a better way to remotely solve problems. It also transfers calls manually or remotely, cancels the echo and normalizes the volume for an improved audio quality.

Besides, Jitsi encrypts your messages and information using SRTP and ZRTP, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. Its smaller user database makes it a less obvious target for hackers and malicious people who are after your information; besides, it experiences less saturation problems. But the fairly small user base doesn’t prevent you from communicating with anybody you want, since this application supports MSN Messenger, Google Talk, FB Chat, ICQ, AIM and other services.

In summary, if you are looking for a complete, functional and secure VoIP program, be sure to download Jitsi for free, an open-source alternative to Skype that will not only integrate the contacts of all your messaging services, but also protect your privacy.

• Easy to use
• Multiprotocol
• Conferences between contacts that use different services
• Data encryption
• Lets you share the Desktop

• Nothing to report

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 2.0.4506

Size 37.73 MB

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