JoyToKey is an excellent virtual keyboard that simulates a video game controller, compatible with a large variety of titles and even with some office tools.

Often some controls or levers aren’t detected by the operating system, or maybe you don’t have a control to play your favorite videogames. In such cases, you can download JoyToKey and use your keyboard or mouse as a joystick input.

JoyToKey offers multiple editing options: you can create up to 16 different controls, 6 axes, 2 360-degree handles and up to 30 different buttons. The help is fairly complete, so you won’t have difficulties to fully optimize your favorite control. Besides, it has some automatic adjustments, such as shots or fast movements.

You can easily change one control for another one according to the game you use. JoyToKey is an excellent tool if you use emulators or different titles.

• Wide range of options
• Default console controls

• Rudimentary look
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Type Shareware

Version 5.9

Size 911.2 kB

Other versions

5.9 5.8.2 5.8 3.7.4