Jungle Heat Cheats


Fly through Jungle Heat levels with the Jungle Heat Cheats app


  • 3 unlimited generators for Jungle Heat
  • Avoid getting stuck on Jungle Heat.


  • Have to answer a survey before downloading

Jungle Heat Cheats is an Android application that provides you with handy cheats for Jungle Heat.


Have you found yourself stuck on a level on Jungle Heat that you cannot master despite your best attempts? I think it’s time you stopped banging your head off the wall and put a halt to the festering frustration and take a minute to download Jungle Heat Cheats.


So what are the magical tricks that this app offers perplexed Jungle Heat gamers? Well Jungle Heat Cheats provides three cheats to make your life easier, these are an Unlimited Gold Generator, and Unlimited Diamonds Generator and an Unlimited Oil Generator.


Jungle Heat is a strategy based game that requires you to gain oil, gold and diamond resources in order to win battles and protect and develop your civilizations. This app contains features that will ensure that your Jungle Heat army is the best it can be.


Jungle Heat Cheats provides a pain-free way of progressing on Jungle Heat, don’t be afraid to call out for help folks when you are in dire need!


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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

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