Just Dance Now


Your smartphone becomes a controller in this fantastic dancing app for Android


  • Use your smartphone as a controller for full-screen play
  • A polished multi-device, latency free multiplayer experience
  • Huge choice of songs from popular genres
  • 5-star rating system to encourage you to shoot for the top
  • Check up on and share scores with friends on Facebook, and even record your performances


  • Impractical to have such a large player capacity unless a huge space is available

Just Dance Now is a free game for Android by Ubisoft Entertainment which lets you dance your heart out, wherever you happen to be, with a selection of hundreds of popular songs. The game is an adaptation of the popular video game, seen on Nintendo Wii and other home consoles.

How it Works

One question you might be asking is how Just Dance could possibly work on your smartphone. How can you take instructions off such a small screen in real time? Technically, you can't, but that's not quite how this game works. To effectively enable popular gameplay methods console players are used to, Just Dance Now can be connected to a larger screen, which then lets you use your smartphone as a makeshift controller. Quite ingenious, actually. This lets you play the game anywhere, anytime as long as you can connect to a device.

Getting everything set up isn't that difficult. Once you have installed the app, visit www.justdancenow.com on another device, link up your smartphone to that device, and open your app on your smartphone. The chosen device can be a tablet, a computer, or a Chromecast-enabled TV/ smart TV. It will then detect your smartphone, and allow you to enter the 'dance room'. And voila! You're playing Just Dance Now. There is no limitation of the type of smartphone that can be used, and there are no recognizable latency or connectivity issues. For all intents and purposes, Just Dance Now works just like its console version. A truly seamless dance experience. 

Dance Without Limits

Just Dance games have always had similar mechanics. The main idea of the game is to pick your song, follow the instructor on screen and, of course, to have a lot of fun dancing. This has not changed. The songs and the atmosphere are as strong and as lively as ever, and in this respect it is identical to its console version. In other ways, however, the app is an important step up. First, because it can be played on any screen, it has no limitations on where it can be played. As long as there is an internet connection and an appropriately sized device, you can play anywhere, anytime.

With Just Dance Now, there are no limits except space, no controllers except your smartphones. It's truly a revolutionary way to play

The most important change, however, is how many people can play. Players need only connect to the same 'dance room' as their friends, find a sizeable space, and away they go. With Just Dance Now, there are no limits except space, no controllers except your smartphones. It's truly a revolutionary way to play. 

A Great Choice of Songs

The song database for Just Dance Now is quite impressive for a mobile game. When you access a 'dance room', you are provided with a selection of songs, with accompanying images. Tapping on one will provide a preview of the content. It will even tell you how many people in the world are dancing to it! The song database will be familiar with anyone who has played Just Dance before, containing old favorites as well as more recent songs, from Lady Gaga to LMFAO to Gangnam Style.

Gameplay is also quite similar to its console counterpart, with no latency or lag between devices. The dancer will appear on screen, with a horizontal bar containing various body positions. While it might take time to learn a dance perfectly, these act as useful guides. By following instructions, you will earn points which contribute to your total score. A 5-star rating bar on the left-hand side will show you how well you are performing, and once you have completed a song, your score will be displayed to everyone in the dance room. 

Share Your Experience

Whether you've completed the most epic dance performance of your life, or simple want to check on your stats, the game's sharing options will facilitate it. From the main menu, you can access your stats and see how your friends are doing. Before beginning a dance, you can also choose to record your performance and share it with other users or on Facebook to immortalize it forever. 

Just Dance, Now!

Just Dance Now revolutionizes the way people can dance, enabling you to set up a a dance room and begin dancing anywhere there's a screen to connect to. It is compatible with computers, tablets, and Chromecast-enabled TVs. Gameplay is typical of Just Dance, using only now your smartphone becomes the controller. Like other versions, it offers a starred rating system, a huge and growing selection of songs, and a fun atmosphere. Unlike its console counterparts, however, with Just Dance Now there's no limit on how many can play. As soon as you're in the 'dance room', and you have the space, you can get started. Share your experiences with other users, record your performances, and achieve high scores. Play the best, most popular dance game in the world, right from your smartphone. 


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Version 1.1.4

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