Keep Calm And ____?


Keep Calm And Create Your Own Motivational Slogan


  • Make the motivational slogan yours
  • Over 240 symbols to replace the crown with
  • Change the background and text
  • Share on the Internet and to contacts


  • Nothing noteworthy

Keep Calm And _____? as you might guess is an app that lets you make a personalized version of the British motivational poster ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ of 1939.

What was once a campaign to encourage people not to fret in face of World War 2, is now an item of commercialism seen on merchandise and on the Internet. This pocket app lets you contribute to the craze.

With more than 240 different symbols to insert to the poster in place of the crown, you can also edit the text and background of the sign to suit your own interests. You can even generate a random one if for some reason you’re feeling uninspired.

When you’ve come up with your own poster that you feel is a true catalyst of encouragement you can share it with friends on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Google+, WhatsApp, Skitch, Picasa, through messaging, Skype, and even Gmail.

If you’re a fan of this iconic symbol from a past era, and want to create your own take on it download Keep Calm And _____? For Android.

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