Kerbal Space Program


Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is an entertaining spaceship game designed by NASA. It consists in planning, from scratch, a space program to explore, travel and land a spaceship on the surface of another planet, among many other missions. Experience innumerable adventures while learning from the best in space science.

Engineer, pilot and flight director

Thanks to this game, you’ll be able to be part of the entire process that involves taking a spaceship outside Earth’s atmosphere. Although this may sound tedious, it isn’t so at all. In fact, you’ll only be in charge of the most fun and challenging tasks.

Thus, you’ll be responsible for building the spaceship. That means you’ll have to keep in mind the vehicle’s materials and applications, and on this basis, carry out the construction. After testing the flight and different systems, you’ll have to make it take off. This stage is a bit more complicated, and you direct it as flight director. You’ll have to keep in mind many variables, and you’ll be responsible for the spaceship’s and the crew’s integrity.

Space races are fun

One of the game’s most outstanding features is a great freedom of action. For example, while building the ship you can create whatever you want, regardless of the size, the shape and the materials. You’ll have access to liquid fuel tanks, different nozzles, isolation in different densities, other modules and several other elements. Obviously your design is not guaranteed to work. Therefore, if you really want to be entertained, put your brain to work.

All events, such as flights, maneuvers and take-off are adjusted to a physics engine that emulates the environment of Earth and interplanetary space in an astounding way. You’ll have to keep in mind all of these force variations every time you are in charge of controlling the ship’s course.

Besides, the possibilities are virtually unlimited: you’ll land on planets, build bases and space stations, organize take-offs, hire astronauts and entertain them. So, don’t miss the chance to travel throughout our solar system and to start colonizing all the planets around us. Download this fabulous game now from Steam.

• Large variety of things to do
• The game varies periodically, since the missions change over time
• Excellent graphics
• Very good physics engine

• The characters can be childish

Kerbal Space Program limitations:
• First levels available
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